Leonard Fagot and Carol Fagot Family Photos

Thanks so much Kim for the photos. She was still so beautiful.
Carol Fagot passed away from cancer not long after this photo was taken
A younger Carol Fagot

Pics courtesy of Find a Grave


  1. I just wanted to post this link to Find A grave for Nancy Maddox. She was one of the sisters and passed away in 2009 after Carol did. So sad.

  2. This movie was just aired on Lifetime. Gwenyth Paltrow played Carol and I was captured by the great acting overall. I could connect to the characters in the story. So sad how war can change a person. Leonard had a heart that was hardened from life experience... without war, I doubt his path would have taken such a course.

  3. Amazing picture! Kim, you look so beautiful!! But what I especially LOVE is that HUGE GRIN you're wearing. Great picture!!!

  4. Whatever happened to Marty Fagot, Leonard's second crazy wife?

  5. That Leonard Fagot is a scary man-one you'd be walking on eggshells-he was soo controlling and abusive! Such a shame that his poor wife,sweet as she was,had to put up with too much,and him cheating on her with that shameless hussy!